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Advanced Fleet & Fleet Equipment

You won’t find a finer fleet that’s supported by more trusted and proven technicians! Please note: Due to rising fuel cost we have had no choice to add a fuel surcharge to the published rates. Current surcharge is $10/hr. for single engine and $20/hr. for the twin. Thanks for understanding.

Glass Panel Aircraft

With a fleet of Garmin G1000 aircraft, JA Flight Training has the newest fleet in the Chicago area and trains all of our students to use the latest in glass panel technology.

Updated Legacy Aircraft

Our legacy aircraft provide for an economical alternative to later model glass-panel aircraft.  Knowing how to fly older “six-pack” style avionics is essential in today’s environment as 80% of the General Aviation fleet still do not have updated avionics.  In addition, our Cessna 150’s are great time builders and priced in the low $100’s.

Redbird Flight Simulator (AATD)

AATD stands for “Approved Advanced Training Device”.  This means that our full-motion simulator meets all of the requirements of the FAA to provide valuable training hours towards your Private, Instrument and Commercial ratings at a fraction of the cost of using an aircraft.  With over 100 functions in the G1000 system, the Redbird simulator is a great place to learn how to use all of the functions of the Garmin G1000 system.

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