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Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot License is for students wishing to become professional airplane pilots.

Also, those who’d like to improve their skills as a pilot by learning to fly with a higher degree of precision and academics. The commercial rating is required before a pilot may be compensated or hired by a company to fly.

Commercial Pilot Training Overview

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commercial pilot training overiew
Learning Professional Cross-Country and Night Procedures Refining Navigation and Basic Maneuver Skills Building Cross-Country Experience Flying Complex Airplanes Flying Commercial Maneuvers Preparing for Your Commercial Checkride Fine Tuning Your Skills Achieving Your Goal

Learning Professional Cross-Country and Night Procedures

professional night procedures

Refining Navigation and Basic Maneuver Skills

refining navigation skills

Building Cross-Country Experience

building cross country flight experience

Flying Complex Airplanes

flying complex air planes

Flying Commercial Maneuvers

flying commercial plane maneuvers

Preparing for Your Commercial Checkride

preparing for your commercial checkride

Fine Tuning Your Skills

fine tuning pilot skills

Achieving Your Goal

achieving pilot goals

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Currently have at least a Fixed Wing Private Pilot License
  • Hold at least a current FAA Third Class Medical Certificate
  • Complete Ground School Training
  • Acquire at least 250 flight hours, a minimum 100 hours of solo/PIC (Pilot In Command) flight, 50 hours of cross country, 10 hours of solo flight
  • Pass FAA written test (knowledge exam) and checkride (practical test)

Pricing Information

The cost to get a Commercial Pilots License is in the hours required to meet the minimums, the cost of approximately 80 hours of instructor time, and course materials. Our minimum cost to get this rating if you start from zero time is $27,060.00. If a pilot comes to us with all of the hourly requirements the cost could be as little as $10,000.00.

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