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The Fastest Path to Becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot

Be an airline pilot in as little as one year.

Our program takes students from zero experience and provides all ratings required to become a co-pilot in as little as 12 months.   This is the only flow through program that has a curriculum specifically designed for entry into Southern Airways Express.  This structured FAA Approved 141 program includes training in late-model Cessna aircraft and State-of-the-art FAA approved simulators.  Upon completion, a co-pilot position at Southern Airways awaits and your longevity at Skywest Begins.  After two years with Southern Airways you enter Skywest with two years of work credit.

The program cost is $75,000 and has 100% financing available through a special Meritize program with no payments due until your hired in as a Co-pilot with Southern Airways Express.  There is no other program available that offers a co-pilot position in as little as 12 months!

From Learning to Fly

To 9 passenger Turbo Props

To Commercial Airline Pilot

About Southern Airways

The Biggest Little Airline in the Country.

Southern Airways was founded in 2013 by current President and CEO Stan Little, current Director of Marketing, Kieth Sisson, and JA Flight Services owners Bruce Jacobs and Scott Fank. With two Cessna Caravan aircraft operating out of Memphis flying routes to Atlanta, Destin and New Orleans Southern established itself as a formative player in the small airline industry. Today, Southern operates 30 Caravan Aircraft in the Mid-Atlantic, Gulf Region, New England, New York, California and Hawaii (as Mokulele Airlines) operating more than 200 flights per day.

Skywest Pilot Jobs

About Skywest

The largest regional airline in North America.

Flying 50 – 76 seat regional Jets under contract for American, United, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines.  Skywest operates roughly 2400 flights per day serving 250 cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

What You Get

Professional Pilot timeline and costs are unlike any other career.

and cost

Become an airline pilot earning Airline Pilot wages in less time than a 4-year college degree, AND at a substantially lower cost.


You will be trained and mentored by real airline pilots, with real-world experience, and trained in the procedures and techniques used by full-time airline pilots.


NO extraneous subjects or time list. ALL training is intended to lead directly to an airline pilot job.

zero experience to airline pilot

Zero Experience to Airline Pilot

Your flight training begins with airline oriented training in the most modern equipment available.

JA Flight graduates get the opportunity for an internship with Southern Airways flying as a co-pilot. Selected Cadets will get two weeks of Cessna Caravan training and then be placed at a base in the Southern Airways Express system. After approximately 12 months as flying as a co-pilot, upgrades to Captain are offered on a seniority basis and flow-through to a Regional Carrier is only 12 – 18 months away.

Student Benefits:

Become an airline pilot in less time than a 4-year college degree

Focused Training – NO extraneous subjects or time lost
No Massive 4-year Student Loans to pay back.
Trained and mentored by real airline pilots.
ATP-CTP course provided by Skywest Airlines for those pilots who qualify.
We accept the G.I bill.

Our Facilities

We take pride in our top-notch program and facilities.

Complemented by our 20,000 sq ft canopy, pilots and students enjoy our spacious lobby and lounge area.

JA Air Career Pilot Program

Located at the Aurora Municipal Airport, JA Flight Services is an FAA Certified Pilot Training Center utilizing the newest aircraft and simulators in the Chicagoland area.

JA is proud to present a unique relationship with Southern Airways Express that allows our graduating students to intern as a second in command and build valuable flying time in an airline operation. This opportunity is available to graduating high school students, college students, and people wishing to become an airline pilot with little or no experience.

In addition, most of our flight instructors are qualified to fly in our airline or charter operation and help prepare incoming students as career pilots.

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