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Fastest Path to the airlines with our Certified Airline Pilot Program

JA Flight training utilizes the most popular flight training aircraft ever built….. The Cessna Skyhawk as our primary trainer. In combination with our late-model Diamond DA-42 twin, a fleet of new Virtual Fly simulators and the Cessna Pilot Curriculum JA Flight Training offers an accelerated path to the airlines.


From your first flight to being hired as a paid co-pilot can be done in less than 12 months with our Certified Airline Pilot Program (CAPP) at JA Flight. Our Southern Airways Program is specifically designed for airline training and includes simulator training in Cessna Caravan aircraft as well as an introduction class in airline operations.

At a cost of $75,000, which includes the co-pilot training cost at Southern Airways, this program is among the most affordable career pathway programs in the United States. Additionally, there is no other program that allows entrance into a commuter airline with as little as 500 flight hours.
Upon completion of our program and Southern’s Caravan training requirements you will earn a paid position as a Southern Airways Co-pilot with advancement to a Captain position after 12 months. Additionally, upon hiring at Southern Airways your hire date with Skywest Airlines begins.

*A two-year commitment to Southern Airways is required.

GET YOUR BACHELOR DEGREE in conjunction with the Southern Program through Purdue University in just three years. By taking two classes per semester through Purdue’s on-line program at the start of you flight training will earn you a Bachelor Degree upon completion of your two-year commitment at Southern Airways. The cost of the Purdue Program is less than $30,000 AND bonuses earned through Southern Airways and Skywest are currently more than $20,000! Making it the least expensive accredited program available anywhere.

Financing is available through Meritize. Additional information can be seen at the following link:


In the same timeframe and cost as our Southern Program, students can earn their Certified Flight Instructor ratings and become paid flight instructor at JA Flight Training. This option is ideal for those that are rooted in the Chicago area such those changing careers with families and students that prefer living at home. This program can be done in conjunction with our Purdue and Liberty University programs, have a paid income after 12 months, and provide a path to Skywest in less than three years with hire date coinciding with the start of becoming an instructor with JA Flight training.

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Operations Center
Daily 6am – 10pm

Become a Commercial Pilot in as little as 12 months

The following timeline represents a student who dedicates four- five hours per day, four to five days per week to their flight training program:

Upon completion of your flight training there are two options for students to earn money while building the required time get to the airlines.



18 – 24 MONTHS

18 – 24 MONTHS

Approximately 2000 flight hours And Skywest bound! OR Approximately 1500 flight hours And Skywest bound!

Why you should choose JA Flight

Learn to fly in the most popular training aircraft ever built

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

12-month pilot training program requires full-time enrollment with 4-5 days per week of attendance.

average pilot salary

Fully financeable with no payments during training. Reasonable finance rates and a flexible repayment schedule up to 10 years.

Train using the most advanced simulators available…the Virtual Sly Solo and Dual Pro Systems. 30 hours of Cessna Caravan simulator training included in the Southern Airways Program.

All training is completed through home study and at our campus at the Aurora Municipal Airport

Air Taxi Pilot Jobs

No prior experience required.

We will be with you the entire way as you journey through the JA Flight training program!

From Learning to Fly

9 passenger turbo prop plane

To 9 Passenger Turbo Props

To Commercial Airline Pilot

See the educational program available for you to attend

flight school with JA Flight

Veteran Approved for Flight Instruction

JA Flight is approved by the VA for flight training benefits. There are two main paths for veterans including an accredited Bachelor’s degree program through Liberty University.

Liberty Flight Training Affiliate Program

This program runs year-round and can be completed in as little as 30 months. Perfect for high school graduates looking for all of the financial benefits college programs have to offer, such as: scholarships, grants, financial aid, low-interest student loans and parent plus loans.

Purdue University

Earn credit for your flight certification and receive a tuition reduction on your remaining courses. Whatever your aviation experience level, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in
professional flight at Purdue Global equips you for success with the knowledge, certificates, and ratings for your career as a professional pilot.

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