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Can I Take Flying Lessons Just for Fun?

Some people will always feel drawn to the skies. Some may enjoy the sensation of flying, or the way aircraft operate. Some just desire the ability to travel around the world more easily. Once you’ve set your mind to learning to fly, you’ll likely not come back from it. But learning to fly may seem intimidating, especially when you don’t know where to start. After all, airline pilots need hundreds of hours of schooling and flight lessons before they can even start their careers. How do you begin with no experience?

Perhaps you aren’t looking to become an airline pilot. Instead, you’re likely wondering “can I take flying lessons for fun?” – and the answer is yes! Of course, there will still be work involved. But for the determined, learning to fly can be a rewarding journey.

Learn more about the benefits of flying for fun and how to prepare for flying lessons. Next thing you know, you will be on your way to earning your own private pilot license and will have invested in an exciting new hobby.

Can You Learn for Fun?

Flying isn’t restricted to career airline pilots only. For career pilots, a private pilot license is simply the first step to earning more advanced certificates. But if your ambitions are lower and you strictly want to fly for fun, you can always seek a private license for recreational use as a means to an end. Luckily, getting a private or recreational license is an achievable goal.

There are many kinds of pilot certificates, all with unique requirements. If you’re looking to fly for fun, you will want to look into a recreational or private license. Keep in mind that a recreational license will have many more restrictions than a full private pilot license.

While it may seem tempting to learn on your own if you have the means, you still need to get licensed. Whether you choose to enroll in a flight school or learn from an independent instructor, flying isn’t a self-taught activity. In the end, both the process and the end result can be a fun and worthwhile journey.

Benefits of Flying for Fun

Obtaining a pilot’s license is no small feat, regardless of the type of license you’re looking to secure. Still, completing the requirements of a private pilot license is much more manageable than a more advanced multi-engine certificate.

Receiving a private license is the perfect option for hobbyists for many reasons. Due to fewer requirements, you can earn a private license with a minimum of 40 flight hours and the completion of a written exam. This means a smaller time and cost commitment. Plus, a private license will grant you the freedom to do almost anything you need when it comes to having fun traveling in the skies.

3 Things You Can Do With a Private Pilot’s License

If you’re still unclear about what you’re allowed to do once you receive a private pilot license, here are three:

1. Take your friends and family on a flight

This is likely the first thing someone pursuing a license thinks about. Impress your friends, family, or a date by showing off what you’ve learned. Depending on your rating, you may bring a single passenger or multiple. If you will need to frequently rent aircraft for your flights, consider learning to fly larger planes that seat more than one passenger. This way you can save on rental fees and fuel by splitting the costs with your passengers!

2. Sightseeing and travel

Not only will you already have incredible views from the skies, but you can also sightsee unforgettable new locations. Depending on your license, you may even be able to fly solo or internationally! You can even take advantage of arriving in style for a business trip.

3. Take it to the next level

Even if you don’t intend to make a career out of flying, there are other ways to share your enthusiasm for aviation. Instead of just earning a commercial pilot license, you could look to become a certified flight instructor. If teaching is fun for you, you can take your education a step further and start teaching others who are also looking to fly for fun.

Preparing for Your First Flying Lesson

Before getting on that plane, you can better prepare yourself with a few things:

  • Familiarizing yourself with basic flight controls
  • Reviewing pre-flight and pre-start checklists for the aircraft you will be flying
  • Spend some time with your instructor. The two of you will be in a small space for long periods of time.
  • Be prepared to have fun and go easy on yourself! You will have plenty of time to learn all there is to know in the future.

Embarking on your first flight lesson can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling anxious, enrolling in school and beginning with a few ground school courses will likely cover some of the materials above.

Communicate Your Intentions With An Instructor

Depending on the flight program, you could need ground schooling before you ever even see a plane. Or, some instructors may offer you to tag along on a demonstration flight to serve as your first lesson. You can peer into the point of view of a pilot and ensure flight lessons are the right path for you.

When looking into flight schools, let an instructor know what you are looking to get out of the program. They can help you determine what license type you will need to maximize your enjoyment of learning to fly.

How to Select the Right School

Selecting the right program should be the first thing on your list. Finding reliable instructors who will be with you every step of the way is crucial. If you’re looking for the most trusted schooling in the Chicago area, J.A. Flight School should be your first choice.

J.A. Flight provides a seamless path to ensure you’re proficient in all kinds of flying conditions, whether it’s at night, on your own, or in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Additionally, J.A. Flight constantly updates its financial offerings, helping prospective pilots fund their schooling. Contact us for more information you need or questions you may have!

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