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How Much Does it Cost For Flight Lessons?

Piloting is an exhilarating and rewarding career, but it may seem like a daunting process. What steps do I need to take to become a pilot? Which training program do I need? How much does it cost for flight lessons? Whether you’re in college or considering a shift in careers, these are all commonly asked questions that you’ve most likely (and rightfully) considered.

At J.A. Flight Training, we make the process of becoming a professional pilot unintimidating and fun, starting with our flight lessons. In the content below, we discuss various flight instruction opportunities, the cost of flight lessons per session and per program, and more!

Flight Instruction Opportunities

When enrolling in flight instruction school, flight training programs offers several flight lesson opportunities.

  • Private Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Certified Flight & Instrument Instruction
  • Multi-Engine Add-Ons
  • Other Instruction

How Much are Flight Lessons?

When considering a career in aviation or exploring a new hobby, like one in the sky, the first step is taking flight lessons.

But how much do they cost? The cost of flight lessons lies dependent on the program you select. Below, we explore the cost of various sessions and programs.

Introductory Flight Session Cost

For those looking to try their hand at aviation, J.A. Flight offers introductory flights that allow guests to discover the joy of flying for only $199.

Guests will first fly in a full-motion simulator. There, they’ll learn the very basics of flying an aircraft while being guided by one of our certified flight instructors.

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to fly from the pilot seat! Try your hand at flying for the first time in one of our training aircrafts with the assistance of your expert instructor. Your instructor will be sure to talk you through the basics of taxi, take-off, flight, and landing.

After an exhilarating discovery flight, you can then take part in your first true flight lesson.

Private Pilot Certificate Cost

Acquiring a Private Certificate is a standard route many choose to take. The average cost for a Private Pilot License is anywhere between $13,000-$15,000. This range reflects students’ ability to learn at different rates— the nationwide average for a student to acquire a PPL is 65 hours.

At J.A. Flight Training, to satisfy our minimum Private Pilot Licenser requirements (Part 141) of 40 hours, the cost of flight lessons equals $12,358. This cost includes flight, ground, and training materials.

For those looking for program tuition financing, we’re here to help! Our team assists students in securing finances for your program and flight lessons with a variety of financing options to choose from.

Commercial Pilot License Cost

The cost to get a commercial pilot license is in the hours required to meet the minimums, the cost of approximately 80 hours of instructor time and course materials. 

When enrolling in a traditional program, expect costs upwards of $27,000 if you are beginning with no logged flight hours. However, if a pilot enrolls all the hourly requirements completed, the cost to obtain your commercial pilot license could be as low as $10,000.

Where to Consider Taking Flight Lessons

Flight lessons and training are essential to meet professional Federal Aviation Administration Part 61 and 141 standards and requirements. It requires study, practice, and commitment!

Suppose you’re ready to follow a very specific series of steps and embark on your new flying ventures. In that case, it’s a great idea to consider a local training program, like flying lessons in Chicago, Illinois.

Benefits of Local Flight Training

Receiving local flight training in the Midwest is an excellent opportunity for a few of many reasons:

  • Gaining geographical familiarly
  • Shorter in-flight distances
  • Receiving comprehensive weather mastery

Local training lessons typically last anywhere from three to four hours. Although your flight may only be a one to two-hour flight, you will still undergo pre-and post-flight discussions.

At those times, your certified flight instructor discusses what you’re going to do during your flight, how you performed, what you did well, what areas need improvement, and what you can expect to do in your next lesson.

FAA Part 61 & FAA Part 141 Requirements

To learn the mastery and skill of flying, you must acquire a minimum of 40 hours of flight training, per FAA Part 61 and FAA Part 141. On average, it takes most participants 60 to 80 hours to complete their training.

FAA Part 141 governing requires schools to use a structured curriculum that teaches skills in a specific order.

FAA Part 61, however, does not require schools to stick to a structured curriculum— schools may rearrange the order in which you learn the curriculum to accommodate your schedule.

J.A. Flight Training offers both FAA flight school programs and allows students to train as Part 61 or Part 141 depending on their particular circumstances.

Meet All FAA Standards with J.A. Flight Training

When considering how much flight lessons are and where to participate in a flight school program, look no further than J.A. Flight Training.

As a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), we utilize the King School online curriculum for many of our programs, including Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi. We are strategically located at Aurora Airport— in the air, our location is right outside of Chicago Terminal Control Area so students can avoid navigating through congested airspaces.

All our ground and flight training are done one-on-one with your certified instructor— this ensures a highly unique and tailored training program to your individual schedule, goals, and specific learning needs.

Start your training today by contacting us to set up a meeting with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor! We’re ready to help you find your pathway to the skies or the airlines.

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