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Path to Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Completing school and getting all of your ratings is just the start of becoming a Professional Pilot.

As you complete your training you will have a great deal of piloting knowledge and very little experience…. Approximately 250 hours. The FAA and the airlines require 1000 – 1500 hours to acquire your ATP Rating (Airline Transport Pilot) and hiring on new pilots. So, the big question…. HOW DO I GET TO THE AIRLINES?  There are a number of ways to get there AND being a commercial, pilot you can get paid. 

Here are a few options:

pilots in plane

Flight Instruction

Getting your CFI Rating (Certified Flight Instructor) can be accomplished relatively quickly after your commercial program and will allow you to earn a decent wage while building hours. JA Flight Training offers ALL of its graduates the opportunity of working as a Flight Instructor after graduation.

Air Taxi Pilot Jobs

Air Taxi

A number of Air Taxi (FAA part 135) companies hire co-pilots to build time, typically utilizing a hiring contract and minimal salary to build individuals toward a captain’s position within the company.  At JA Flight, we are in the unique position of having ownership in one of the largest Air Taxi operations in the country, flying in excess of 200 flights a day in Cessna Caravan Aircraft.  Our relationship with Southern Airways Express gives our graduates the opportunity to apply as a co-pilot and work within an airline operation with a follow-on path to Skywest Airlines.

Local Piloting Jobs

Other Local Piloting Jobs

These jobs include towing gliders, towing banners, skydiving operations, aerial mapping, spraying crops, police enforcement, traffic reporting, and other pilot services.

What You Get

JA Flight Training is committed to helping our graduates further their professional pilot careers and finds placement for them upon training completion.

Finish in as little as 12 Months

Learn & train with the best

Focused Training

NO extraneous subjects or time lost

Financial Aid Available

Minimize student loans

Professional Instructors

Be mentored by real airline pilots

Co-Pilot Internship

Receive a tuition reimbursement with Skywest

Textbooks Included

Some pilot supplies may be additional

Zero Experience to Professional

Start a career as a commercial pilot in just 12 months.

Become an airline pilot earning Airline Pilot wages in less time than a 4-year college degree, AND at a substantially lower cost.

Our Facilities

We take pride in our top-notch program and facilities.

Complemented by our 20,000 sq ft canopy, pilots and students enjoy our spacious lobby and lounge area. With all of our exceptional aircraft maintained by our FAA Certified repair station and Cessna Service Center, you won’t find a finer fleet that’s supported by more trusted and proven technicians. This creates the foundation for a world-class flight training school that prepares our students for a successful future in piloting with flexible classes and affordable programs.

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