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Bellanca Decathlon 8KCAB


The Bellanca decathlon is a great platform for light aerobatics, upset training as well as tail-wheel training. The Decathlon has a 150hp fuel injected engine with a constant-speed propeller and an inverted fuel and oil system capable of up to four minutes of inverted flight. Parachutes included in rental. Solo available with checkout.

Price: $205 / Hour


Capacity: 2
Length: 22.9 ft
Wingspan: 32 ft
Height: 7.7 ft
Inverted system: yes
Powerplant: Lycoming IO-320
Propeller: McCaulley, Variable Pitch

Horsepower– 150HP
Useful Load– 610 Pounds


Cruise Speed: 138 mph
G-loading:  +6g and −5g
Endurance: 3.4 hours

Useable Fuel

40 Gallons

Max Passengers



150 HP

Useful Load

610 Pounds

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