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2006 G36 Bonanza, N364MW


The Bonanza G36 is the aspiration of any pilot who desires unmatched craftsmanship. This piston-engine powerhouse is designed and built to be certified in the rugged utility category. With first-class technology and comfort and world-class quality, your Bonanza G36 is ready for any adventure. 364MW is a full IFR equipped Bonanza and known ice TKS with Garmin G1000 that includes nav, com, dual gps, autopilot, transponder all displayed on two large displays.

Price: $395 / Hour


Capacity: 6
Length: 27′ 6″
Wingspan: 33′ 6″
Height: 8′ 7″
Service Ceiling: 18,500 Feet
Powerplant: Continental IO-550B, 300HP
Propeller: Hartzell, 3-Bladed

Horsepower– 300HP
Useful Load– 1133 Pounds


Cruise Speed: 160 Knots
Range: 800 SM
Rate of Climb: 1,230 fpm

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