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1975 Cessna 172M (180hp), N73170


This upgraded Cessna C172M model is modified with a 180hp Lycoming engine. The standard 6-pack instrumentation is outfitted with a basic Cessna IFR avionics . Come experience the world of aviation before it was dominated by GPS navigation. Relearn the fundamentals of pilotage, dead-reckoning, and VOR navigation. Practicing takeoffs and landings, private pilot maneuvers, and commercial pilot maneuvers are all things that don’t require GPS navigation. Build your skills at a lower cost.

Price: $185/Hr.


Capacity: 4
Length: 27′ 2″
Wingspan: 36′ 1″
Height: 8′ 11″
Service Ceiling: 13,500
Powerplant: Lycoming O360, 180hp
Propeller: McCauley, Fixed Pitch

Horsepower– 180HP
Useful Load– 725 Pounds

Useable Fuel

40 Gallons

Max Passengers



180 HP

Useful Load

725 Pounds

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